Booking Information

Access Booking line: 0800 912 6971
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Venue Access Information

Trafalgar Studios 1 & 2 are accessible for wheelchair users. The main entrance to the theatre is on Whitehall. The Foyer, Foyer Bar and Box Office are on street level. The pavement in front of the entrance of the venue is raised by 2 steps. You can find a flat pavement on Spring Gardens, the street parallel to Whitehall.

For Studio 1 you can enter the foyer step free, take the lift to the lower level then a stair lift brings you to the front of the auditorium. The wheelchair spaces are in the front row and are clear view.

Our auditorium is raked:
There are 25 steps down from the Foyer/Box Office to the Studio Bar, then 10 steps up from the Studio Bar to row A. However, you are welcome to use our lift and stair lift instead. Inside the auditorium, there are 2 to 3 steps between each row from row B to row R.

Between row A and E there are 10 steps. Between row A and L there are 28 steps.

You can access row L from the Foyer/Box Office without entering the Studio Bar. There are 14 steps up to row L and then again, 3 steps between each row to row R.

For Studio 2, there are 25 steps down from the Foyer/Box Office to the Studio Bar, then 3 steps up from the Studio Bar to row C and 3 steps down to row A.

However, you are welcome to use our lift and stair lift instead. Into the foyer, take the lift to the lower level then there is level access into the auditorium. The Wheelchair space is again in the front row & clear view. If Wheelchair Patrons would rather transfer into a seat then the wheelchair can be stored during the performance and brought back to you at the end of the show.

Please allow 20 minutes for wheelchair patron to get into their seats.

Please note, Trafalgar Studios are only able to accommodate small wheelchairs – up to 25” or 65 cm width and 43’’ or 110cm length (no mobility scooters) due to size and weight restrictions (225 kg max) on our lifts.

We have a Radio Enhancement System and a Mobile Connect Device available at the kiosk.

There are two devices available:

Induction Loop Necklace Suitable for persons wearing a hearing aid, the induction loop necklace is worn around the neck. Whilst wearing the necklace switch your hearing aid to the ‘T’ setting and the sound is amplified. The necklace has an adjustable volume control.

Headset This device amplifies sound through earpieces similar to regular headphones. Suitable for persons without a hearing aid.

Guide Dogs are permitted in the auditorium or can be looked after by staff during the show in accordance with Guide Dogs for the Blind guidelines.

Toilets: There are 22 steps up from the foyer to male and female toilets. There are more toilets in the Studio Bar. We have an accessible toilet that can be used by wheelchair users. It is necessary to use the lift to reach the accessible toilet.

Two licensed bars: Foyer Bar is next to Box Office and Studio Bar is 25 steps down (spacious, few seats). Drinks can be brought to disabled customers in the auditorium on request.

Trafalgar Studios Visual Story: a visual resource to help prepare visitors for a new experience and to help them become familiar with new surroundings and what to expect. Click HERE to download it.

An Audio-Introduction for selected shows is available on Soundcloud, please click HERE.


Join the TE Access Membership Scheme by downloading the TE Access Membership form HERE.


On Blueberry Hill
Audio Described Performance
Tuesday 21 April 2020  7.30pm

Captioned Performance
Tuesday 28 April 2020  7.30pm

To book for the Audio-Described or Captioned Performances, please email, putting Audio-Described or Captioned Performance in the subject line.


Opera Undone
A large print introduction for Opera Undone can be found HERE.

One Jewish Boy
Sign Interpreted Performance
Tuesday 24 March 2020  7.45pm

To book for the Sign Interpreted Performance, please email, putting Sign Interpreted Performance in the subject line.